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Our mission...


The extensive selection of Hook and Loop products is driven by customers specifications for innovative and cost effective solutions.
V TAPES are totally focused on meeting these requirements with prompt despatch through out New Zealand
The applications are endless -
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About us ...
V Tapes is a family owned business started in 1961 called The Design Centre.
During the 80's we became involved in exhibition and display manufacture.  
This led to the extensive use of Velcro products.
In the year1990 the Velcro Company ceased operating in New Zealand and V Tapes became an Authorised Distributor of the Genuine Velcro brand hook & loop products.
Over the past 23 years of service to New Zealand, V Tapes have continued to add
to our extensive selection of hook and loop products.
All these products are driven by Customers specifications. V Tapes is totally focused 
on meeting these requirements to over 30 different industries around New Zealand 


  CLICK HERE for sample request and Product spec sheets


Imagine a fastener...


  • ·   that can attach sophisticated, yet incompatible materials (like steel & plastic; or wood & fabric)
  • Velcro brand fasteners are used for attaching like or unlike materials wherever permanent, semi permanent or temporary fixing is required.
  • They are fasteners that give and take as the materials expand & contract at different rates.
  • ·   Fasteners that is strong enough to hold hundreds of pounds and has the gripping power of a steel clamp.
  • ·   that can be opened & closed thousands of times - with just a flick of the wrist.
  • ·   that can be cut.... does not rattle, rust, corrode or squeak....
  • ·   that grips tighter, gets stronger with vibration.. one that can be hidden from view
  • ·   that comes in a variety of colours....
  • ·   that can handle extremes in temperatures, hot or cold...


Practical fasteners for practically anything!