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V Tapes have here, a photo which shows some of the most amazing hook & loop products we offer.
They have been magnified so you can see how the different hooks differ.
Hook and loop fabric is made from synthetic materials, nylon and polyester, and can be used in a variety of applications.
One industry to first adopt hook and loop for its useful application was the aerospace industry - the ease of getting in and out of a bulky space suit was greatly improved. Today hook and loop is used in many industries from transportation, clothing, and sports, and has transformed many products we use in everyday life. When you need a strong-yet-reversible bond, a fastener that uses hook and loop technology is the best choice.

V Tapes are an authorized re-seller of VELCRO® Brand hook & loop fasteners.
V Tapes supply high quality fasteners to provide reliable strength for a huge array of products that are manufactured right here in New Zealand.
Interested in learning more about what V Tapes can do for you? Contact our customer service team, or explore our website!

magnified hook types-685
Over the last few weeks we have put together some amazing things you can do with VELCRO® brand fasteners ;
VELCRO® brand Breeding Collars are a must for anyone that is breeding or raising puppies, lambs or calves.
Being able to identify the animal at a glance makes monitoring their eating and toileting that much easier.
You just wouldn't be without them once you had used them.
To find out more check out Animal ID Collars

puppy ID bands-165

 A great way to secure your pets dish 

Are you tired of your pets moving their food dish all over the floor and making a great big mess??
Adhesive backed hook & loop can be used to adhere the dish to the floor. 
If the floor is carpet you just stick some of the hook side to the under side of the dish and that will hook into the carpet.
Use the Heavy Duty one - for the best result. You can use the adhesive backed loop side to stick to a hardwood floor, lino or tiles. The adhesive can be difficult to remove so you will need to use a very minimum amount of the hook on the floor, or take consideration of its location before placing it on to your flooring.
Another option is to stick with hook & loop a rubber pad to the underside of your pets dish - this will prevent it from sliding on smooth surfaces. This solution can be used on food or water dishes.
The less the dish moves the less the water spills, therefore creates a safer environment for kids and grandparents who may slip on a wet floor. 

cat bowldog food-778

Harnesses are a good way to restrain your pet and can offer some protection or added visibility at night as well.
Most harnesses use hook & loop hardware - an easy way to securely fasten them in place around the dogs belly! 
Here is a great harness which incorporates a go-pro camera - what fun that would be !
V Tapes have webbing, material and hardware to make your own.

dog harness with velcro attachment on it -776
Thunder shirts and blankets are used to calm your pet during periods that can cause anxiety for your pet. Things like fireworks, thunderstorms or other loud noises can often scare your pets and using a calming blanket that secures with hook and loop -- is a good way to provide some form of comfort to your four legged friend.

Pet Cones are sheets of plastic or other material that gets wrapped around your pets head to prevent them biting or scratching at stitches or wounds, allowing them to heal quickly and properly. Many of these cones are fastened using sticky back hook and loop to make them easy to put on or take off.  Why not make your own. 

dog collar-798

These are just a few of the most common ways hook and loop can be used by you to make life a little bit easier for both you and your pet!   Enjoy! 

2/08/20 Soon it will be spring & summer before you know it!

its time to get out and fix up the garden, get it looking nice for the sunny weather.

If your garden has flowers that droop over, they may need support - sometimes tulips or delphiniums need a stake and some VELCRO Plant ties.  These plant ties can be used again and again, so come on tomatoes, runner beans - sweet peas etc - these are great for all those climbing varieties too! 

952105 front-39plant 2-428



Over Covid-19 lockdown we turn to our hobbies and crafts to keep our minds active and busy.
There are endless ways of attaching objects and bags to your bikes, mobile planes etc with the use of hook & loop velcro tapes.

Batteries need to be held secure and what better way but with ONE-WRAP Tape?
Firstly you need to secure the battery in place on the desired surface using an
Industrial hook & loop adhesive backed tape - you need to apply more loop tape onto the desired surface you wish to attach the battery to, once this is done, tie the ONE-WRAP around the battery and then hold it in place onto the loop strip. In this way you have secured the battery using two methods. 

battery held with one-wrap

Tidy up your garage and hang all you and your childrens bikes up using
Velcro Brand Easy Hang straps - creates more available space. What a great new look!

bike rack

Hold the battery safe on
your mobile aeroplane using one of the following straps
ONE-WRAP tape or ONE-WRAP straps or
HIGH TENSIONABLE Custom made Straps.

velcro strap on mobile plane

Hold your skis together with ease using these
Ski ties 50 mm wide x 400 mm long 
custom made to order - enquiries 

ski tie - on skis

Attach objects like bags and lights to your bikes using hook & loop tape and One-Wrap continuous tape

bike light being held on with velcro strap-461objects strapped on with velcro attachement -159

velcro straps on bike bag-422bike pedal with sew-on velcro -809-158

5 hacks for sport equip
If you love to keep active, then there's no doubt you own every piece of sports equipment there is, but all these activities come with a downfall - where on earth are you meant to store everything?
From outfits to sports gear, storing this can be more tiring than a morning work out. 
We've come up with five handy organisation hacks for your sports gear to ensure you spend more time on the field and less time sorting your sports apparatus


Sports Equipment Storage Tips and more......

1. Label your Sports Gear + a quick method of applying numbers for sports purposes. 
If you play multiple sports, its a good idea to have a gym bag for each activity for easy organisation. 
Then when its time for training, just grap your bag and go.
Top tip ; Make your own Gym bag labels using a square piece of fabric and fabric pens. Then you can easily fix your tag directly to the bag using VELCRO® Brand Stick on for Fabrics. Peel and stick one strip to your label and one to the bag. Then you can change your bag labels easily in the future by just creating a new tag.

.... the same product can also be used as a quick method for numbering......

Want a quick method of numbering your players on the field or for a Quick fast method of labelling those Netball bibs??

All you need to do is use VELCRO® Stick On for Fabric ovals.
They can be used for any quick attachment in the
requirement of sports, - numbering participants -  Running races  or triathalons - other sport tactics that need numbering....
All you have to do is peel it off and stick it on to clothing.  

2. Hang up Bulky sports equipment 
Bulky sports gear (such as golf clubs) can be hard to store, especially if you're low on space.
One of our top organisation hacks is to use these VELCRO® Brand Easy hang straps to store Large and heavy items. They're strong enough to hold up heavy bikes, hockey sticks, right through to the School Gymnastics equipment.
These can be easily hung from hooks in your garage or School sports equipment room.
The possibilities here are endless.....

hoops on easy hang-148       bag of golf sticks-746

For Smaller items like bats and balls store them in a netted bag that you can easily hang up with a VELCRO® Brand Easy Hang Strap as well. The netting will allow you to see everything inside, so that finding what you need is quick and easy.
Top Tip ; Keep related items together to prevent loosing track of them. For example, roll up your swimming cap and attach it to your goggles strap using a VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP Tie.

3. Bundle up sports Gear for Quick release when required using ONE-WRAP® 

 Bundle up all the Rhythmic Gymnastics gear, like ribbons, hoop rings etc using ONE-WRAP® continuous tape.
ONE-WRAP® Tape or QWIK TIES®  Tape can be used to bundle any articles together, for quick release at any time, Great way to keep Yoga and Pilates mats etc tidy. 

yoga mat with velcro strap-485

4. Use VELCRO®  hook to attach Gym mats in place or to mark out floors
Adhesive backed Industrial Strength VELCRO®  Brand tape can be used to adhere Gym mats together or to secure the mats to the floor.  When they do not need to be held in place they can be easily released and adjusted./stored.
Use Brightly Neon Coloured VELCRO®  Brand Sew-on HOOK only tape in 25 mm or 50 mm widths to mark out special starting points and different positions. The hook side of the VELCRO tape grips into the loop pile carpet, and can be repositioned and used again and again.
A fantastic reusable marking tape. 

5. Protect your School Gym floors 

Use your gym-hall floor for events -- protect the floor --  TRANSFORM the gym into an auditorium or events centre.

Improve the acoustics
Save on maitenance
Extend the life of the floor from stiletto heels etc

gymfloor carpet-376  HEAVY DUTY EXTRA THIN 20MM resize

Hold down and keep carpet or carpet tiles in place on your Gym floor using VELCRO®  Brand Extra thin hook & loop tape.
Using this method to hold the carpet in place on your Gym floor at special school events is a Quick and Reusable system. It can also be used to secure door mats in place on carpet using the Hook side only. 


back to school hacks for teachers-174

Back-to-school is just around the corner. While some of us are trying to squeeze in the last drops of summer, for teachers, it’s time to start getting ready for the new school year. We know what a busy time that can be. To help out, and possibly free up some time for one more beach trip, we rounded up five clever back to school hacks that are guaranteed to make every teacher’s first day of school a little bit easier. From quick and easy ways to keep the classroom tidy, to clever classroom decorating ideas, read on for inspiration!

Make going back to school easier with our VELCRO® Brand tips & tricks

1. Never lose your markers, pens or the whiteboard eraser again- stick them all right to the board!

Every teacher knows how annoying it can be when you need to write something on the whiteboard but you can’t find a marker or pen anywhere. Or, when you need to erase yesterday’s notes and can’t find the eraser, ending up using your palm and getting marker all over yourself.

Good news, we have a simple solution: Stop looking around for your markers and whiteboard eraser, you get enough of that searching for the TV remote at home every night (we can help with that too by the way ;)!).  Instead, try sticking them to the board with VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Tape.

whiteboard with markers and duster attached with velcro -217

2. Transform that bag of pens, markers, pencils, and crayons into organized assortments

Keep your pens, pencils, markers, and crayons tidy by wrapping them up into organized groups with VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Reusable ties.  Not only will you now be able to find the exact writing or drawing utensil that you need, but this easy teacher hack will also save time getting ready for group activities- simply hand out a set to each table without fumbling around that infamous bag-‘o-markers!

markers, crayons, highlighters organized with Velcro Brand ONE-WRAP ties

3. Organize wires and cables with style

Unruly wires and cables clutter your classroom, making the room look disorganized and messy – not to mention they also pose a tripping hazard for children! Solve this problem by wrapping up loose cables with VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Reusable Ties. You can use the different wrap colors to, not only color-code the wires for easy categorization, but to also give your classroom a fun pop of color! You’ll never need to worry about messy looking wires again!

Velcro Brand ONE-Wrap ties used to tie and organize cables

VECLRO Brand One-wrap ties used to tie and organize computer wires










4. Never fret about forgetting your students’ names again – Stick names tags to chairs/trays with VELCRO® Brand fasteners

The new school year brings new students every year. That first week of trying to remember everyone’s name can be hard and stressful! Here’s a handy back to school hack for primary school teachers who get a new class every year. Stick name tags to the backs of chairs, on trays and above coat hooks with VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back spots. That way, when you get a new class, you can easily peel off the old name tags and stick on new ones!

velcro brand sticky back dots used for labels for cubbiesvelcro brand stick back squares used to keep labels in place

Add some personality to your classroom with new displays and decorations

A new school year means new displays on the walls! And, since most teachers refresh their displays throughout the year to reflect new seasons and projects, we’d recommend sticking them to the wall with
VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Tape or VELCRO® Brand  Removable Wall Fasteners. That way, when you’re ready to put a new display up, you can simply peel the old one off!

using velcro brand stick back to decorate classroom walls

hangables wall fasteners used to decorate walls






That’s it! You’re ready for the new school year! We hope these simple tips and hacks have given you some good inspiration for the new school year.
Check out the blog monthly to find lots of other interesting & clever ways to make life easier! with V Tapes hook & loop Fasteners 


Temporary Offices, Classrooms, Events, Exhibit Show grounds, Audio Visual, Filming crews….

all have situations sometimes where there are cords running like snakes all over the ground – waiting for a person to go sprawling – a hazard in the waiting – that fatal tripping accident.

man trips on cord

The way to fix this terrible issue ?

Use CABLE TRIPSTOP Cord cover to prevent these accidents from happening in the first place.

tripstop over cables

100% reusable Heavy Duty Cable Tripstop Cord cover
▪ Available in 120 mm or 200 mm wide 
▪ Industrial Heavy duty grade hook grips into loop pile carpet.
Flexible rubber goes over bumps and up ramps etc with ease unlike plastic versions

▪ This product will last for 10 + years.
▪ This product has heavy duty hooks which do not get contaminated with carpet fluff, etc