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25 mm x 25 metre Weldable Black hook + loop

25 mm x 25 metre Weldable Black hook + loop
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Have you considered using a weldable adhesive when attaching a Hook and Loop Fastener to a substrate? This method provides a stronger permanent bond that is watertight. This type of adhesive is commonly used by manufacturers of Tents, Shelters, Canopies, Awnings, Covers, Inflatables, etc. Learn more:

V Tapes weldable Hook & Loop tape can be used in conjunction with a high-frequency welding machine to create a strong seamless bond or it can be activated by Heat.

When attaching a Hook and Loop Fastener to a flexible material, sometimes traditional methods such as sewing, pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), and stapling just don’t work. For some manufacturers, a Weldable Backed Hook and Loop is the preferred option. Even though this process can be more involved than traditional PSA applications, it has many benefits.

Weldable adhesive provides a permanent, waterproof adhesion that is more durable than other attachment methods and extends the lifecycle of the finished product.

Reasons to use weldable adhesive:

  • provides a stronger permanent bond (weldable adhesive is heat activated and permanently bonds to the substrate)
  • provides a waterproof seal (sewing Hook and Loop perforates the substrate which eliminates any waterproof characteristics)
  • quicker to apply (weldable Hook and Loop is applied by a machine which is more accurate and time effective than manual sewing)
  • provides a longer lifecycle for the end product (sewing Hook and Loop modifies the fastener by piercing holes in it which the thread is then woven through. Over time, the thread can fray and break which results in the fastener being separated from the substrate)


How do you RF Weld (Heat Weld)?

Once the Weldable Fastener has been positioned correctly on the substrate, heat and pressure are applied to activate the adhesive which securely bonds the two materials together. This method is durable and suited for larger applications, for example:

  • Tents / Shelters / Structures
  • Banners / Billboards
  • Tarps / Covers
  • Seat Covers
  • Insulation Blankets & Panels
  • Inflatables
  • and much more…

V Tapes Weldable Hook and Loop fasteners are currently being used by many manufacturers around the world, in all types of industries. A weldable adhesive is dry to the touch but activates when heat is applied through RF Welding.

When Welding Hook and Loop Tape, a couple of common methods include ‘Tack Bar Welding’ and ‘Wedge Bar Welding’.

  • Tack Bar Welding – this method uses a die that activates the full-width adhesive to create the bond.
  • Wedge Bar Welding – this method uses a die that only seals the edges of the material leaving an open void in the center that is not bonded. The adhesive bonds the two materials together permanently in the location where you would have traditionally sewn.

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