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140 Adhesive Properties

140 Adhesive Properties
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The Adhesive 0140 is a non-tacky urethane adhesive pre-coat applied to the back of the Hook & Loop tape.
It is moisture resistant and ideal for permanent bonding.  
The 140 adhesive can be activated by the following methods;

Activation Type: RF/Heat/Solvent

RF = To activate use radio frequency welding - ultrasonically weld to PVC or similar materials. 

Heat= To activate use heat gun or hot iron for activation to materials/fabrics 

Solvent= To activate use M.E.K. or acetone - for activation to Hard Surfaces

To instantly activate adhesive use acetone or MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone)  

This is best applied with a small brush or sponge applicator to the back face of the tape to activate the adhesive. 
Allow adhesive to become tacky. When tacky position the tape on a clean substrate using finger pressure to smooth tape (this is most important on edges and corners)  Follow a few minutes later with additional hand pressure to ensure a complete bond. Let dry overnight or speed up drying with a heat source. 

Alternatively ; This product can be ultrasonically welded onto porous substrates.
It is heat activated at around 60 degrees Celsius.
Operating Temperature range from -40 to 121 degrees Celsius 
Provides a Permanent bond - suited for outdoor use. 
The attached picture shows a café curtain with the 0140 hook bonded in place. You will see there are no air bubbles or dry glue spots when viewed through the curtain. The PVC sheet is just under one mm thick.
In this particular application the welder was set at 350C and a speed of 70ft per minute.

Plant conditions ;
Your plant area must be clean and free from dirt and dust in the air. It is also essential to have a well ventilated area when using solvent activated adhesives. Ideal room temperatures should be 18 degrees celsius to 20 degrees celsius and relative humidity 40% to 60% (the lower the humidity level the better the bond)
If the adhesive is applied below the recommended temperatures it loses tack. Once adhesive or self adhesive tape is applied, press it very firmly into contact with the substrate to smooth tape and avoid air bubbles. 
The 0140 adhesive performs well in a wide range of operating temperatures, achieving ultimate bond strength in 24 hours.
Surface Preparation ;
It is mandatory that all surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and dried All cleaning agents should be tested prior to use to ensure cleaning agent will have no adverse effects on the substrate. Recommend using Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the surface. 
Product made in USA 

  • Canvas Products
  • Marine Applications
  • Tarpaulins
  • Outdoor signage
  • Banners
  • Vinyl Binders
  • Display boards
  • Glasses cases
  • PVC  and ABS

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