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V Tapes provide a huge range of products for the Educational sector.
From adhesive hook & loop tapes and spots for mounting purposes to double sided adhesive tapes for permanent applications,  Cutting Tools and Craft fabrics for Display purposes. 

The Hooky Loopy Educational aids provide a range of learning aids for all ages that
couple picture images with hook and loop

Phone Holders
$18.80 $15.95 Save $2.85 excl GST
22 mm x 125-spot pack
$20.30 $16.20 Save $4.10 excl GST
62/62 hook and loop spot pack
$25.00 $18.27 Save $6.73 excl GST
3.6 mtr Hook only Tape
$20.30 $10.30 Save $10.00 excl GST